iPhone 3G Lawsuits Popping Up Everywhere!


I keep banging this site about how badly iPhone or iPhone 3G is advertised.  Of course, most phones do the same thing and could be called “deceptive advertising” but in this case, it’s Apple for christ-sakes.

If they have to lie to consumers on their ads, there’s enough people to get mad enough to sue Apple.

I completely agree that Apple needs to reimburse customers for the slow AT&T 3G speeds and also for false advertising.

Even if 99% of people in the world don’t care, it’s plain and pretty easy to prove that iPhone 3G maybe one of the slowest PDAs out there.

Only if Steve Jobs decided to go with Sprint or Verizon, these lawsuits could have been avoided.

I foresee only more trouble for the iPhone 3G for the next couple months.  Steve Jobs hyped the “3G” speeds and features, yet consumers report back 3G as slow and not worth the extra features.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple’s products, just not their deceptive advertising which happend of lately.

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