Philips shows off their Ambient Lighting and Ambilight TV products!

For one, I know Philips was working on color-changing LEDs and lightbulbs that are easy to install while providing high power.

On top of that, they introduced Ambilight TVs where the background lights would match with what you see on TV.

Lastly but not least, I did hear of CitizenM hotels in Amsterdam, supposed to be all design and damn great.

It seems that Philips is partnering up with bunch of design hotels to showcase their new products.

I think this is a great way for the company to get exposure and also great for the design hotels to get the latest technology straight from Philips.  (Yes, sometimes we are not bitter. 🙂 )

Great stuff, ain’t it? (or great marketing?)

In a partnership that could take hotel guests’ experience to a whole new holistic level, Philips and luxury hotel brand Fairmont have teamed up for the Asia Pacific region’s first Ambient Experience Concept Suite at Fairmont Singapore. As part of Philips’ “Hotel of the Future” initiative, regional media on Friday were given a glimpse of what the concept could look like when finalized.

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  1. Nicole Price says:

    Absolutely. I have been a great Philips fan all my life and would not buy any other product as long as they have an equivalent in their range. This warms my heart that my favorite company has achieved this.

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