Navevo GPS catered to Disabled Citizens!

Navevo has released their new GPS capable of helping disabled citizens more than your iPhone GoogleMaps.  I guess the bad news is that this GPS is really custom-made for U.K. as of now and we probably won’t see them in the states.  (but I might be wrong, please feel free to correct me as always)

This GPS’s distinguishing feature is that it displays many special parking spots, and 20,000 Blue Badge POIs as well as 60,000 other POIs. Navevo teamed up with PIE (Public Information Exchange) to help discover and add disabled parking lots to their GPS maps. These NAVTEQ maps cover all 150 major cities and towns in the UK, as well as the Republic of Ireland. Furthermore, the BBNav will come with a 6-month free trial of safety camera alerts and will retail in October for 200 Euros.

The only feature I think it’s kinda useless (or would be useless in America) is the disabled parking lots function as most public and private parking lots in America are mandated to have a handicap parking lot right in the front.

But I think it does have potential to blow up if they hook up with a insurance company and spread it like wildfires to disabled people all over the world.

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4 Responses to Navevo GPS catered to Disabled Citizens!

  1. hilton says:

    great idea if they send the information out like how to change a battery in the nav unit which is not in the paper work you cant ask questions on thier web site and the stores that sell them dont know so expensive if you have to change it when the battery had it DONT BUY

  2. sounds like a it might be not be the thing to buy.

  3. hilton says:

    one other thing on these nav units navteq software is crap

  4. hilton says:

    just found out to conserve battery you have to turn it off and lose time and date and re enter when you turn it on as i said crap

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