Haha, Americans used as “BullShi*” people in Canadian Ads!

Here’s easyhome.com, who’s using Americans as BS to market their Sony 52″ HD LCD TVs.

As an American, I don’t mind this at all, I think it’s rather funny and hilarious that a company would use prejudice to sell them.

But I think I know the reasons why this happened.

If you go back to one of the episodes on South Park where everyone’s yelling, “I hate Canada”, I think that kinda explains it.  Although South Park may be funny and supposed to be only comedy, those hate-Canada episodes really bothered me as I feel it was complete, utter prejudice/racism against Canadian people.

In the end, I did ask couple of my Canadian friends what they though of it, and they didn’t care, they said it was funny so…

You know what though, they should have really put Bush and called him a “miserable failure” or put one of those signs, “Someone give Bush a blowjob so we can impeach him!”.  (Now that would get ALL the anti-Bush supporters in America to buy an HDTV from the Canadian website)

The above pic is a splash screen you can see when visiting Canadian electronics and appliance retailer Easyhome, notifying visitors of a four-day sale. Depicted on the Sony TV in front of the American flag is a politician flashing pearly whites and a double-thumbed “This guy!” Beneath him is the none-too-veiled message “Even BS looks good on a 52-inch HD LCD TV.” Maybe so, Canada, but some think it’s even better with the volume all the way down.

via gizmodo

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