Crocodile-Skin Gym Bag Costs $13,800!

How about some authentic crocodile-skin gym bag that costs $13,800?  If you are gym-fanatic, this might suit you well for years to come and you can look “rich”.  Did we mention that you could get a cheap $5 bag on eBay, get 1 year membership at your local fitness center (around $1000 to $2000 per year), AND you could probably afford a used Mini Cooper if you decided not to get one? Well, probably a really really old and beat-up Mini that is…)

If you were born rich and you still are, we do recommend you get this bag and send us some pics.

The bag costs more than many cars and is made from extra-soft, oil-tanned and waxed Nile crocodile skins. The insides are made of pinstripe silk and you can shut the bag with an antique silver zipper. With a size of 12″ x 19″ x 10″, you could stuff in almost anything you want and still look stylish and chic. The Tumbled Croc Bel Air Gym Bag costs $13,800.

via bornrich

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  1. Don’t worry, with so many people wanting to show their friends and neighbors that they have money, this bag is soon to become a top seller. Wonder what the PETA people think?

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