Nascar Implements Random Drug Testing for Heroin!

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While it might not seem like a big deal that Nascar is implementing random drug testing, we can see that heroin-addicated Nascar drivers will definitely benefit from the cause.

In a similar incident, PGA Tour players have been rumored to use steroids to hit the ball longer.  Whether that’s true or not, PGA Tour officials did not wait to find out and also did implement a random drug testing not too long ago.

What I am afraid is if someone takes a strain of steroids as medication such as asthma and get “punked”.  But I am sure that would work out if the Nascar driver explained it beforehand.

Well, more random drug testing means more money for drug testing equipment manufacturers!

May we suggest that you start a such company now?

Okay, here’s a fun question, how many Nascar drivers you think will show positive for dank?  (lol…i bet at least a couple but then don’t they have that body cleanser???)

NASCAR will subject the drivers, crew members and officials in the Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Craftsman Truck series to random drug testing, beginning in 2009, the sanctioning body said on Saturday.

Also, all drivers, crew members and officials will be drug tested before the start of the 2009 season, NASCAR said.

The random tests are in addition to NASCAR’s current drug policy of “reasonable suspicion,” which allows the organization to test participants at any time someone raises concerns. But ane

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