Weekly Wrapup of Eco-friendly and Green Posts!

It’s that time again, yes, it’s a Saturday and we are still working…AND it’s time for Weekly Wrapup of Eco-friendly and Green Posts from our Eco Blog!

  1. Bill Gates invests in Bio-Fuel and we think that’s a great move by the billionaire.
  2. Walmart will be offering hormone-free milk, wait, they added hormones before then?
  3. Hemp Drinks may be the start of many hemp food products to come.
  4. Check out Top 5 Resources for Green Jobs if you are an eco-geek.
  5. Install Eco Showerdrop to save water and earth.
  6. More cool eco-friendly bags…
  7. Sarah Palin’s Energy Plan for Alaska cracks me up, now I really don’t want to vote for her.  (No offense Alaskans but it seems Alaska’s energy plan seems really redneck to me…I cannot imagine her as Vice President and carving up Mooses carcasses, why the hell would you want to do that I dont know…)
  8. Eco-friendly bags made from old aircraft seats!
  9. Eco-frienldy Hair Dryer found!
  10. Yey, eco-friendly Webcam rules!

Well that’s all folks for the wrapup, make sure to check out the Eco-friendly and Green Blog if you want to knock yourself out with greenies.

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