Magic Message Mirror for Home Security!


Check out this cool Magic Message MIrror that will hook up to your existing home security system to provide you with automated messages from the Magic Man in the mirror.

During idle mode, the Magic Mirror is just a regular mirror as shown above.

During message mode, a funny man will appear in the mirror to let you know about what kind of security breaches have been going on with option to play security videos/cameras.

The patented “Magic Message Mirror” looks and functions like a decorative wall mirror, but when your home automation/security system senses a change in your environment, “Basil of the Mirror” (a somewhat pompous English Butler personality) magically appears and verbally provides real-time information. The M30P will also theatrically reveal an integrated live camera feed to show the area of interest, if you have cameras incorporated into your home security system, or decide to add them when you install the M30P.

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