Auto-Fold Baby Stroller!


Here’s an innovative Auto-Fold Baby Stroller, which will fold/unfold itself using a remote control plus the on-board battery charges itself by the wheels turning on the stroller.  This will be great for dads/moms who constantly have to fold it everytime they go out with the baby.

The stroller itself has safety features that will disable the folding mechanism but I think that’s my only worry, what if the sensor breaks and your child gets folded along with the mechanism?  That’d mean some serious lawsuits and dead babies we don’t want.  Perhaps they can install a “manual” lock, not a breakable sensor.

A small generator powers the stroller and recharges itself with every 300 feet of use. The Origami has safety features that include built in intelligence that can detect when a child is in its seat, disabling the automated folding mechanism. With tremendous storage features, the Origami touts an easily removable backpack, cup holders for kids and adults and washable fabrics in a variety of colors.

via bornrich, growingyourbaby

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