Japan Intros Fast Train that goes up to 217MPH!

Japan intros a really fast train that goes up to 217MPH.  Although this is nothing compared to the French train that can go about 357MPH, it wouldn’t hurt to have one in the U.S., where it takes me at least 5 hours to get to L.A. from San Francisco.

Yes, Japan needs to get it a little faster still…(catch up to the French but where’s U.S. in this world train race god darn it!)

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is developing the country’s fastest train. How fast is that? A speedy 217mph, a nice increase over the previous fastest, which moved at 186mph.

via dvice

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  1. It’s great to travel in a train at high speeds. The average speed of the train I took in France (Lille -> Lyon) was over 200 MPH. That’s only a couple of hours to get to the south of France …

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