Top 10 Cool Electronic HOWTO Videos!

As you know, is a great DIY video site and here’s Top 10 Cool Electronic HOWTO Videos from the How To, Hack, DIY, Mods Video Site:

1) How to Make a Metal Detector from Radio and Calculator -KipKay the famous Maker shows us how to make a metal detector from your old radio and calculator.  This one is really similar to the aircraft band receiver KipKay makes by taking the radio dial to its limit.

2) Here’s what happens when you type “Find Chuck Norris” on Google. Someone decided to make a website that results 1st on Google search for “Find Chuck Norris”, funny.3) How to Make your own Home Windows Media Center PC – Here’s a great way to make your own Windows Media Center PC for watching and recording some programs on your computer.

4) How to find the hidden Microphone boost on Realtek HD Sound Cards – Here’s how you can get 20dB Micphone boost on HD sound cards.

5) Here’s how to perform CPR on an infant baby. – This might be one of the most useful things parents need to know in order to save their baby in emergencies.

6) Photoshop Hack – Check out how to increase boob size using Photoshop.  This one doesn’t require any surgery and it might help you with your future Photoshop skills.

7) Solitaire Hack – Learn how to win the Solitaire game on Windows XP or Vista. – I don’t play solitaire unless I am re-installing Windows and I need to kill time but still a cool thing to know how to do.

8) Here’s some tips on how to calculate faster using math shortcuts.

9) Learn how to remove a wheel from a Kawasaki motorcycle. – This could be applied to probably any Japanese sport bike.

10) Learn how to jailbreak your iPhone 3G! – Yes, every iPhone can be jailbroken for more fun.

Well, that’s all folks for now, check out the HOWTO video site for more!

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