CX1 Supercomputer for $25K!

Microsoft and Cray launch the CX1 supercomputer for about $25K each.  The CX1 supercomputer can hold upto 16 Intel Xeon CPUs, 4 Terabytes of storage, and 64 gigs of memory.

The supercomputer will run Windows HPC Server 2008, the only downfall of it.

I would rather see free Linux system running on the servers, that would probably bring down the cost of software and price down to around $15K at least.

At this point I don’t really see the usefulness of this Windows supercomputer but I do like the hardware.

Faenov said that people in markets such as financial services, aerospace, automotive, academic and life sciences who must do simulations and modeling that require a certain level of computing performance have two options, neither of which is easy. “You can go to a corporate environment and try to obtain a large-scale system, or purchase a system and assemble it [yourself],” he said.

via engadget, networkworld

Microsoft Press Release PDF

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  1. sentient says:

    I built a server using the KF4-D16 motherboard from ASUS which holds two 2.6 quad-core processers and supports 64 GB of ram for about $1,400.

  2. sentient says:

    I built a server using a KFn4-D15 Asus motherboard which supports two 2.6 quad-core CPUc, supports 64 GB of RAM and can hold four 1.5 TB hard drives. Cost? under $2,500 for all mentioned except memory cards.

  3. max says:

    That’s cool.

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