Life-Size Terminator on Sale at eBay!

How about one of these life-size Terminators in your home? (I bet Governor Schwarzenegger has a bunch of these in his house)

This thing is over 6 feet tall and may cause “fears” at night while you walk in the dark for a scoop of icecream.

There’s a Buy-It-Now price tag of $19,999.99.  I don’t think it’s worth that much but if you really need one, go knock yourself out.

With a 6-foot structure, the T-800 can sometimes be a pain if you have to carry it around. Fret not, because it can be dismantled and assembled with ease. It is fabricated with chromed metal, fiberglass and an assortment of other materials that add to its overall appeal.

via gizmowatch, eBay

2 Responses to Life-Size Terminator on Sale at eBay!

  1. steve says:

    Go to universal studios florida.. They have these for sale for $6000. Dont be ripped off by money grubbers…

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