Google intros Android nearing the final version!


After months since Google’s new mobile operating system Android become public, they have improved on their Android even further.  Their new Android handset was shown in the U.K. to demonstrate the potential of the Google operating system.

The good news is that we might start seeing Android, real soon, soon as the next 2 weeks from T-mobile.

Here’s some recent news around the globe about the Google Android:

Google shows off final Android:

The new handset, shown off by Google’s Mike Jennings at Wembley Stadium, looked very much like the HTC Dream, but had its branding covered up. Jennings demonstrated Google maps, though there was no Street View data of London (if that feature will be available, it’s very exciting). Jennings also spoke about carriers: “a lot of [them] are in a different mindset from Google.”

Android handsets hits London

Jennings gave a nice demonstration of an OpenGL and Java application that showed a cube morphing and rotating. I’d run the same application on my own PC in the office, and this was running far smoother on a mobile handset. 40 frames per second, claimed Jennings. It’s impressive stuff.

T-mobile may sell Android handsets in just 2 weeks

Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile USA unit will start selling a mobile phone that uses Google’s Android software within weeks, said two people with firsthand knowledge of the plan.

The two companies plan to present details of the release Sept. 23 in New York, said the people, who declined to be identified as preparations are confidential. The handset will be a smartphone, which allows users to surf the Web more quickly, check e-mails, send and view videos and download music and maps.

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