Top 10 Weird Gadgets Roundup from the Weird and Bizarre Blog!

Here’s the Top 10 Weird Gadgets roundup from our Weird and Bizarre Blog:

Baby Leash!

1) Baby Leash will keep your child within leash’s length from you at all times.

Solar Grill in Thailand Cooks Chicken in 10 minutes!

2) Solar chicken cooker by this Thai guy is AWESOME and saves earth!

Ex Voodoo Knife Set!

3) The VooDoo Knife Set is great and versatile for holding knives and killing your ex the magical way.

Useless Too Big Wenger Swiss Knife!

4) The biggest swiss knife ever and totally useless of course.

Love Dual Toilet!

5) When it comes to toilets, get this love-bird toilets for two of you.

Battery Powered Battery Charger!

6) Are you kidding me, a battery charger powered by batteries?

Van Gogh Ear Mug!

7) I love Van Gogh and you should love this Van Gogh mug that makes the ear disappear with hot liquids.

Pink Seal Stun Gun!

8) Stun Gun in the shape of Pink Seal is a great way to disguise your weapon.

Melting Clock!

9) Now here’s a melting clock that will get you high while sober.

Clock with 9s!

10) Here’s another clock that reads only in 9s.

Well, that’s all the weird stuff for today, you can check out weird gadgets at the weird blog if you need more.

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