Sanyo Z2000 HD Projector does 80-inches HD!

For the ultimate DLP TV, you might want to consider this Sanyo Z2000 HD Projector instead, capable of projecting 80-inches of viewing HD.

All said, for the price of this projector overseas, it’s a bargain. The only downsides are that you have to replace the lamp after so many hours, which is not inexpensive. But for a home theater–WOW! This would sure inspire me to stay home and watch movies–and save the 1800 yen it costs to watch them in Japan! On that note, purchasing this projector in Japan at the current going price of 268,000 yen in a store would be equivalent to watching 148 movies in a theater. While that sounds like a lot, it only translates to about 300 hours of video time, and upon asking, the lamp should last about 3,000 hours on the brightest setting, meaning that you have only covered 10% of your lamp by the time you finish watching the movie theater price equivalent in Japan. Not bad at all–especially when you add that you can use this to play your video game consoles as well. The Sanyo is also very cheap compared to similar models, providing amazing lens shifting for a similar price that others sell theirs for. I suggest you go pick one up if you’re a hardcore movie watcher or gamer!

Here’s a screenshot of the HD screen projected:

via akihabaranews

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