Bandai Luminodot – A Lite-Brite on Crack!


Check out this Bandai Lumiodot, which is basically an advanced version of Lite-Brite.

It may interest to get one of these as they can substitute a nice picture frame any day.

This Lumiodot can make a great gift for your kids to play with “pixel” art all day long.

The Luminodot has an insanely dense grid of capable of holding about 3500 light pegs (more than twice as many as the original Lite-Brite).  Thanks to its grid of 70 x 50 individually addressable locations, you can create much more detailed scenes than you could ever with the original.

via technabob, Product Page

One Response to Bandai Luminodot – A Lite-Brite on Crack!

  1. Sarah says:

    Flashback to my childhood! Wow, this thing looks awesome!

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