AT&T New Service Agreement Sucks and I am glad I have Sprint!

AT&T trying to "scam" consumers yet again...

AT&T trying to

Well, it’s not new news that a telecommunication company is trying to scam consumers out of their rights through changes in service agreements.  I remember my credit card company sending me a new service agreement about 3 months after I signed up, now that’s a big scam.

Of course, as consumers we can’t really “prove” they are a scam unless we sue them together.

As for me, I am glad I got of the AT&T (Cingular back then) market.  My cable and internet is Comcast and I use Sprint for my Blackberry.

As for AT&T, I have decided to boycott them long time ago, the only reason I write this is to really bring them down where they belong and alert other consumers that they are a bad company.  (There, I said it in very plain English.)

Whether you decide to believe me or not is not my problem, but do look at that new AT&T agreement and you will finally understand you’ve been “had” again by the striped globe.

My personal suggestion is to boycott any company that sells you slow broadband internet service.  (Yes, I stick by facts and know AT&T itself is all about marketing and hype)

Does your iPhone 3G has slow internet?  (Wonder why?   becaz AT&T did it)

AT&T just sent out an 8,000-word update to its service agreement, and it’s full of all sorts of lovely, anti-customer things. For example, now people will only be given a 30-day notice of price increases when it’s “commercially reasonable.” Also, you can’t sue AT&T. In fact, according to the LA Times, the whole thing might go so far as to be illegal. Oh, AT&T.

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2 Responses to AT&T New Service Agreement Sucks and I am glad I have Sprint!

  1. Oh, thanks for the information, actually i was not aware of it.
    What about existing customers?

  2. max says:

    Well, I used to have AT&T(Cingular back then), I paid $200 to cancel Cingular because cellular internet was important to me. (I have to check to make sure my websites are running.)

    I even did real life testing with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile.

    Verizon and Sprint phones worked out to be the fastest. Cingular was way too slow.

    Since AT&T bought Cingular, it’s like they bought it when Cingular was dying…

    Well, it’s a surprise to me that iPhone went with slow AT&T, I believe it’s because of “money” and who had more.

    My best suggestion is to get another network ASAP, especially if broadband internet is live and death to you (like it is to me). 🙂

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