Top 10 BED Gadgets of the Week!

Here’s the Top 10 BED gadgets of the week from our BED Blog:

1) Get a classy arcade game for your bedroom.  That’s right, no more Wii and PS3.2) High Can High Fidelity BED looks pretty freakin’ awesome dude.

Take a look into the future of high-end technological bedding with the Hi-Can High Fidelity Bed. It offers practically a packaged bed with gadgetry as this revolutionary bed allows you to simply lie down and have the luxuries of living at your finger tips.

3) Do you need a sticker-lamp that will stick on your wall?

If you are too broke to invest in a table-lamp or just want a change then we suggest the uber cool Tall and Tiny Vinyl sticker-lamps by Alice Rosignoli. The Tall sticker goes in the livingroom and the Tiny in the bedroom (because its meant to be a table lamp).

4) Vase made from old books, what a great idea.

Books are good for reading and perhaps donating them or selling them to people who may need them is a good recourse. But did you know you could also turn some books into vases that could be good furnishings for your home?

5) Fitbit Trackers tracks your sleep patterns.

The Fitbit Tracker is a new wireless device that not only acts as a fitness trainer but also tracks your beauty sleep. The in built-in motion sensor in FitBit tracks exercise intensity levels, calories burned, sleep quality and even distance.

6) Orbit 50 TV Stand might be an interest to some of you and your home.

A part of the stylish, expanding Karim Collection, created in partnership with industrial/interior designer Karim Rashid, the Orbit 50 is specifically designed to provide corner-friendly support for a display up to 50 inches and 125 pounds. While not intended to house massive receivers and the like, it can accommodate compact gear like current DVD players or even integrated HTiB components, with cable management slots for routing wires through the center post.

7) Here’s a funky LED Alarm Clock, how do you read it?

This deconstructed black LED alarm clock can be ordered online from the Uncommon Goods website . The best part of this clock is that each number occupies a separate block, allowing you to stack, hang, and arrange the digits in any way you fancy. The time, brightness, and alarm are controlled through a monolithic black box and the clock is retailing for $85.00.

8) Wow, check out these cool CD/DVD shelves.

Here is a cool dvd/cd shelf to have in the bedroom. The Duoplane CD Shelf has been designed by Sojiro Inoue and its hard not to like it for its simple clean lines. The shelf can be wall-mounted in either the vertical or horizontal position and can hold up to 75 CDs or DVDs as well as small collectibles.

9) Phi-ton bed looks very comfy, it must be a synonym for fu-tons.

The Phi-ton Bed by Fried-Jan Unger  has no sub-frame, which makes it completely safe. Awarded the “Good Design® Award” recently, the bed has an optional vibra-massage feature as well as a self- correcting steering unit.

10) Next time you are on a backpack trip, make sure to take the Jumbo 747 Hostel.

Dios bought the 500-seater jumbo jet, built in 1976, from its last owner Transjet after the air operator went bust in 2002.

The Jumbo Hostel, which will remain grounded at the airport, will begin taking reservations from travellers in December.

If the venture proves successful in Sweden, Dios hopes to open more jumbo jet hostels elsewhere.

Well, that’s all folks for now, for more, check out the Bed Blog and Bed Gadgets.

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