Seamour Sheep USB LED Lamp!

Seamour Sheep Radioactive USB Lamp!

Seamour Sheep Radioactive USB Lamp!

Believe it or not, counting sheeps at night works to help you go to sleep.  (Of course,  there’s always “greener” way to help you sleep too if you know what I mean.)

Check out these Seamour Sheep Radioactive USB LED Lamp that looks, quite frankly, really cute.

You can get one for $69 over at  These would make great gifts for anyone including yourself, do you have extra $69 to shell out of your pocket today?

Seamour makes a triumphant return with this “Radioactive” edition. Green LED’s and a USB cable make Seamour glow bright green when he’s on his feet…but tip him over and he goes to sleep and the light goes out. Great functional design! USB cable and removable googles included!

via technabob, Product Page

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