Re-cap of Eco-friendly and Green Stuff from the Green Blog!

Well, it’s hard for me to cover everything in technology so I will be doing more and more “re-caps” of what went on over at our green blog Keetsa.

1) Germany launches their new eco-friendly TVs.

When it comes to home entertainment, chances are we would consider the usual LCD and Plasma Television for better home entertainment. But if you had to place some eco-friendly responsibilities to it, then perhaps this eco-friendly TV made up of degradable and reusable components could be the one for you. But only one thing stands in the way and that is the matter of cost.


2) This house is made from pallets!

It is probably one of the worst things that can happen, being made homeless by a natural disaster and it is normally for the most in need that are left out in the cold. But one organisation may have come with an answer. A dwelling made from reused wooden shipping pallets.

3) The Eco-Friendly Rocket Engine, is that really possible?

A technology company from Manchester has been awarded £130,000 ($260,000) from the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) to design and build an eco friendly rocket engine. Astronauts will eventually use the engine, as a means of escape in future space rockets.

4) The eco-friendly bus is a great idea.

No one would perhaps consider the idea of modifying and transforming an old school bus and turning into something devoted to eco-friendliness. For one, not many people would go to the trouble of dedicating their time in going with the flow of the proper way to capitalize what global warming is all about. All except for one and his name is musician Chris Merkley who transformed an old school bus into a virtual eco-friendly tour bus.

5) Oh yeah, we love flying cars.

Remember the days of The Jetsons, the cartoon show in which everyone paraded around in flying cars, and it was the norm. Well those days are not here yet, but they are near.
Moller has concocted a flying hybrid vehicle, which is powered by a half electric and half gas powered engine.

6) Electric lawnmower is way too cool.  Do we have to cut grass with that?

It is a battery powered cordless electric push mower, that operates at the push of a button, is quieter than gas powered lawn mowers, and delivers zero emissions.

7) Haha, UK adds a “green” test for sustainable driving.

In accordance to legislation formulated by the European Union, the UK’s Driving Standards Agency has made some subtle changes to the UK driving test. These new additions will check the driver’s fuel efficiency during the test as well as the stopping and mirror use.

8) Cool green shirt for any occasion, especially if you are someone dumber than you.

Today (the t shirt pictured above) caught my eye, it reads “This T shirt Is Green”. It comes in three colors, including black, white, and green. The t shirt is a mix of organic cotton and bamboo.

9) iPod Nano 4G is really eco-friendly!

Here is something most gadget freaks are going to be looking for. Apple has just released its thinnest and eco-friendly iPod Nano 4G that comes with new features. We all know that ever since Apple has unveiled its new line of MP3 player for gadget and music lovers out there, the iPod has been pretty much in demand.

So now we see a new age of Apple iPods that will surely be in the news in the coming days. Thinner and better, it has been tagged as serving eco-friendly standards due to its arsenic-free glass and a mercury and PVC-free body that is ‘highly recyclable’.

10) Eco-friendly water coolers are here finally.

Boasting of its UV technology, it eliminates the need to make use of plastic bottles and is programmable depending on the preference of people wanting to drink clean water. Tana Water Coolers are of bench top kinds and freestanding models.

Well folks, make sure to show together (with your spouse) and save water! 🙂

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2 Responses to Re-cap of Eco-friendly and Green Stuff from the Green Blog!

  1. Missy says:

    I totally want that eco lawnmower bad. (to make my neighbors jeoulous) Very cool looking.

  2. max says:

    Yes, make it and your neighbors will get joulous for sure.

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