iPhone Modem App is here and I am not impressed!

iPhone modem application is here, which can turn your jailbroken iPhone into a broadband modem for your laptop or PC.

Why am I not impressed?

Well, this should be a standard feature on the iPhone.  Why should consumers have to go through the trouble of jailbreaking their phone?

Plus, AT&T’s broadband modem has proven to really suck in comparison to Sprint and Verizon.

Personally, I have a Blackberry 8830, which easily becomes a broadband modem using a USB connector.

In comparison to another PCMCIA broadband modem I have from Sprint, the speeds are about the same even with the Blackberry modem setup.

So what?

I don’t even have to try the iPhone Modem App, it can’t be faster than iPhone itself so it’s gotta be really really, really sloooowwww.

Now what?

If you are serious about doing business on the go, get a Blackberry, otherwise you can stick with your too-slow-iPhone-even-with-3G.

Have a great sunday. :p

via gizmodo

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  1. fuck gizmodo says:

    writers a git

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