Laptop Pimp Blog Weekly Wrap of Reviews

Okay, here’s some of the interesting highlights this week from our Laptop Blog:

Tom Bihn TSA Approved Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag!

Tom Bihn TSA-approved Checkpoint-friendly laptop bag looks really nice at $220.

Eliminate Glare with Laptop Visor!
Get a Laptop Visor for more privacy.

MSI EX710 17″ Laptop Reviewed – I like this new 17″ laptop packed with features.

Sony VAIO AW Review
Sony VAIO AW Reviewed – These new Sony VAIO’s are the biggest display laptops from Sony with 18.4″ LCD.

Stilleto Laptop Stand gives you a good vertical view for your laptop.

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Raves and Reviews

Microsoft working on "Any Surface" Mouse!
Laptop Pillow Bag/Briefcase is great for your laptop and taking naps.
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ASUS Bamboo laptops are cool.

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    Sony laptops are luxurious and good looking

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