HP shifting focus to Linux in order to get over Vista Unpopularity!

HP shifting focus to Linux in order to get over Vista Unpopularity!

HP shifting focus to Linux in order to get over Vista Unpopularity!

Well, I am not a big fan of Vista, maybe XP at the least, but here’s another great news that HP might be using Linux to increase sales while not having to deal with Vista’s unpopularity.

If you have noticed, many computer manufacturers including HP, Dell, and others who have been putting the sign, “This company recommends Vista”.

Now, that’s what I don’t get.  How could companies expect to increase computer sales while recommending Vista, an operating system touted to be more incompatible than their previous sibling, Windows XP.

With all that out there, HP is finally shifting its focus to provide fully-installed Linux systems which will save the consumers about $100-200 over Vista.  (That’s right, you no longer have to pay for what you don’t use)

Since Linux OS is free, consumers can pretty much get the Linux version and simply install Windows XP to get going instead of having to deal with Vista’s horrible uninstallation process.

Already, Google has proved the value of Linux operating system through its Android developement.

Mind you, Linux operating system has been developed nicely by the open source crowd for the last 10 years to one day beat out Windows out of the market. Yey!

According to Businesweek, HP has been quietly working on two projects aimed at bypassing unpopular features in Vista and possibly competing with Apple down the line. The first involves developing software that modifies Vista to make it easier to use. That much has been confirmed. However, rumor has it that a second “Skunk Works” operation has been going on behind closed doors that has a much loftier goal—building a customized replacement OS based on the Linux platform.

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