Another Miserable Failure – McCain is a Computer Illiterate!

Well it comes to us no surprise that one of the Presidential nominees McCain does not know how to use a computer. (For god sakes he’s 72 years old! Let’s hope he doesn’t have a heart attack before the elections)

If we are going to have a computer-illiterate McCain as President, we might as well have this 102 year old woman who has her own Facebook.

What I don’t understand is that McCain has all the money in the world but doesn’t know how to use the computer???  Even my girlfriend “was” a computer illiterate until she started browsing the web for her favorite celebrities and whatnot.

I don’t mind that you can’t type but for god sakes, at least get one of those voice recognition software.  No wonder all those “you suck” e-mails I sent to McCain never got read.  (Darn!)

Okay, enough for political bashing, I guess I am more for Obama at this point, it was always Hillary or Obama for me anyways, no more republicans in the house plz!

via valleywag

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