Underwater Turbine for Water Power from Oxford University!

Engineers at Oxford University have come up with a new innovative concept for underwater turbines that use 60% less manufacturing and 40% less in maintenance costs.

This type of new underwater generator involves the THAWT device.  I believe these types of underwater turbines and ocean wind turbines combined will soon be everywhere in the ocean to generate over 90% of our electricity.

The THAWT is considered to be a “second generation” turbine as opposed to the first generation models that resembled windmills. It consists of a cylindrical rotor that rolls around its long axis with the flow of water, instead of turning at right angles. Promising to be more efficient and powerful than other underwater turbines, each THAWT is predicted to produce 12 megawatts of energy – enough to power 12,000 family homes and significantly more than other underwater turbines of today.

via inhabitat

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