DIY Nintendo Toaster works Perfectly!

Fully Functional NES inside toaster

Fully Functional NES inside toaster


Check out this cool DIY Nintendo Toaster that encloses the whole Nintendo inside itself.  What I like most about this project is the toaster pop-out function works for the NES cartridges while the toaster LED turns on if the game is on.

I had an awful lot of people suggesting that my previous project (the Super Genintari/Leviticus) looked like a toaster. I then discovered that I had an extra NES and toaster laying around and knew what had to be done.

Ripped all the main guts out of the toaster and replaced them with an NES board, some orange LEDs, AC adapter and controller ports. Kept the front lever functional as the main power on/off switch and the crumb tray just for fun. Composite audio/video jacks are on the rear of the unit. The temperature knob does nothing.

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  1. Rich I pulled up Nintendo Toaster web site. Great invention. I was the cranky uverse customer last night. You are a great inventor and a rebel. Not too many left that have the courage to develop an invention.

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