Top 10 Unique and Innovative Digital Photo Frames!

With the high number of digital photo frames popping up today, I figured I would do a small review on some of the unique and innovative digital photo frames I found on the web.  Here’s a range of unique and innovative digital photo frames you might enjoy.

1) Magnetic Digital Photo Frame for your Refrigerator – This little digital photo frame will let you stick your favorite digital pictures so you can cook while reminding yourself of your loved ones.

About $40 at Gizoo (Source – Digital Photo Frame Blog)

Coby 1.5 inch Digital Photo Keychain

Coby 1.5 inch Digital Photo Keychain

2) The Coby 1.5-inch digital photo frame keychain is a great idea for carrying your favorite digital pictures in your pocket along with all your house/car keys.

$14.98 at Amazon (Source – Digital Photo Frames Blog)

3) The DIY Digital Wall made from multiple LCDs is a great way to create a real-time online family photo album for ubergeeks who need to stay in constant touch with other family members.

(Source – Digital Photo Frames Blog)

4) GiiNii’s 7-inch Wedge Digital Picture Frame has an awesome wedge-like design to fit well with any of your modern home furniture.

$99.99 at (Source – Digital Photo Frames Blog)

5) Chumby is a versatile wireless digital photo frame with ability to surf the internet and other really neat stuff.  Chumby probably is the future of digital photo frames.

(Source – Digital Photo Frames Blog)

6) Jobo’s new Mirage L has a clean, sleek glass to cover the whole digital photo frame for clearer photos and easy cleaning.  I certainly do like glass over plastic when it comes to digital photo frames, although glass is more fragile and harder to maintain, it’s worth the time and money.  Watch out for it soon as it will be in stores soon…

(Source – Digital Photo Frames Blog)

7) The LG Portable Digital Photo Frame/DVD Player is an awesome portable device that lets you watch DVDs on the go or display your family album anytime else. Too bad there’s no WiFi on this one, it would make it a “super” digital photo frame to get.

$189.99 at Circuit City (Source – Digital Photo Frames Blog)

8) Pandigital 7-inch Multi-Frame Digital Photo Frame is an awesome choice for anyone who needs multiple digital photo frames without having the full price for each one.

$134.94 at Amazon (Source – Digital Photo Frames Blog)

9) Daewoo’s Folding Digital Photo Frames might be big but practical for many public advertising space or you simply like to spend a lot of cash on digital photo gadgets.  This one is still a prototype so watch for commercial versions in the near future.

(Source – Digital Photo Frames Blog)

10) The 2.4-inch DIgital Photoframe with Internet Features can display your favorite photos, show you real-time weather reports, integrate with your Google Calendar, and much more for the price of only $27.50 each.

$27.50 at Chinavasion (Source – Digital Photo Frames Blog)

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