DIY – How to Make Food Dehydrator!

Yes, I did get a Food Dehydrator for Christmas present (and I did use it the other day to make some awesome apple chips) but for those of you who can’t even spend $20 on one, you can try out this DIY on how to make a food dehydrator.

Of course, it’s not a complex concept as all the food dehydrator does is flow slightly-hot air through the food for couple hours to dry your food.

There’s also DIY on how to make a solar food dehydrator, if you are an eco-geek you might want to try out that route instead.

I have always wanted to make a REAL food dehydrator, but all the plans I have found always start out “make a box…” That lets me out! I don’t have the patience to make a box, let alone the skills to make it square, then add racks (also square!!) so I came up with a super easy way to make a container that looks like the commercial dehydrators using stacking trays in a cylindrical shape. It took me less than an hour and cost about 20 dollars. I could have scavenged and cut that in half, as I am sure many of you readers can.

via instructables

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  1. You should post a DYI home still, make some of that potato mash moon shine 😉

  2. Bird owner says:

    I can’t add your rss feed to my reader, what could be the problem?

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