Mazda intros an Innovative “Stop and Go” Motor!

Mazda intros an Innovative "Stop and Go" Motor!

Mazda intros an Innovative

Mazda is working on an innovative stop and go motor that might just save enough gas when your car is idling in front of a traffic signal.  This might be smarter than making bio-fuel as this system could save additional 10MPG on every car, especially those cars in frequent-stop-and-go traffic areas.

Mazda has announced a clever new start-stop system that promises fuel economy gains of 10% or more without the need for an electric motor. The Smart Idle Stop System (SISS) uses only direct injection and combustion to restart your vehicle, while most start-stop systems use an electric motor and traditional engine start-up process. SISS stops the pistons in the optimal position for an engine restart, and then injects fuel into the cylinders before the engine begins to rotate and lets the power of combustion turn the engine over to start. This enables an SISS-equipped Mazda petrol engine to restart in 0.35 seconds, or half the time of start-stop systems using an electric motor. The catch: SISS only works with automatic transmissions.

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