Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive!

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive!

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive!

Although I rather use a lighter to open a beer bottle, for those of you who don’t smoke, you can get the Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive.

Just make sure you don’t take this to a raving party with tons of people as you might regret lending it to the partier next to you with all that classified data inside the Flash Drive.

The TrekStor USB thumb drive doubles as a bottle opener. Yep, it can store between 1GB and 16GB of data, and it can open up your frosty brews as well. Make it your keychain and you’ll always have whatever data you want with you, be it documents or media files, and you’ll never be searching for a bottle opener again. It makes regular old thumb drives look downright featureless in comparison.

via dvice, Product Page

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