Sony VAIO Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame will read RSS Feeds!

If you happen to be a Sony VAIO laptops lover, you need to check out their new VAIO Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame that is also capable of reading RSS Feeds with a resolution of 800×480.

Features: 7″ display with 800×480 resolution projecting over 16 million colors, Wi-Fi enabled (802.11b/g), 128MB hard drive, Memory Stick®, Secure Digital™ and Compact Flash slots, projects RSS feeds from the web and built-in MP3 player

What I like most about this Sony WiFi Digital Photo Frame is that it can read online RSS Feeds so you can setup your own RSS Feeds from your photos and websites.  (For how to add RSS Feeds to your digital photo frame, looky here.)

I really think that the next step in digital picture frame resolution is RSS Feeds that will automate the process of uploading any photos.

With WiFi digital photo frames that can read RSS Feeds (I think most Wi-Fi frames do this now), you no longer need any photo storage space, just a good WiFi connection which most homes have these days.

via crave, Product Page

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