ScanRobot is a Book Scanning Robot!

ScanRobot is a Book Scanning Robot!

ScanRobot is a Book Scanning Robot!


Here’s a cool ScanRobot, a robot that can scan books and turn libraries into terabytes of harddrives.

Future of digital libraries, here we come!

The book scanner ScanRobotĀ® has been developed for the digitisation of huge book inventories. The book scanner has the ability to turn the pages automatically and to to scan a whole book at once.

The new and patented scanning technology of the ScanRobotĀ® allows absolutely distortion free images and the gentle and cost effective digitisation of books and other bound documents.

The modular design of the book scanner allows easy adaptation to specific customer requirements. Due to the unique and simple concept this book scanner is specially suited for libraries and archives as well as for large digitisation projects.

via hackedgadgets, Product Page

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