DIY – How to Make Steampunk Headphones!

Steampunk Headphones!

Steampunk Headphones!


Are you tired of your regular ol’ headphones?  Here’s a great DIY showing you how to make Steampunk Headphones.

To construct this headset, I started with items commonly found at home improvement stores. I wanted to use mostly copper or brass parts, at least for the parts that are exposed. Unfortunately, copper and brass are heavy (compared to plastic). I use a headset frequently so I didn’t want to end up with something too heavy. The end look has an industrial flavor because of the holes drilled to lighten it. Although, I still think it fits in the Steampunk genre.

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One Response to DIY – How to Make Steampunk Headphones!

  1. Pete says:

    Sick, i want to build a pair of those. The only part i dont like is the fake sheep on the head support, it should be more streamline.

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