Time to Boycott BestBuy and Circuit City during Microsoft’s Marketing Antics!

Instead of using their $300 million on customer services/refunds for wrongly-installed Vistas on brand new laptops/PCs, Microsoft is trying to copy Apple Genius strategy by having 155 Microsoft Vista experts roam around your local BestBuy and CircuitCity.

As someone who had a horrible experience at BestBuy trying to return a digital camera, (which BestBuy didn’t let me return it for whatever reason so I now have TWO identical digital cameras) I will be officially boycotting BestBuy and CircuitCity stores for the duration of this Microsoft stint.

Even without Microsoft, I have a hard time getting around the retail stores without sales people annoying me with their “Can I help you find anything” questions.

Call me bitter but Microsoft deserves it after I bought a new HP desktop PC last year and of course it came with a Vista that wouldn’t work with any of my printers, mouse, pretty much all my USB devices.

Now, Microsoft should be paying me at least $25/hour during the time I formatted my PC using a special Linux Boot CD (because harddrive gets junked when you install Vista, you need to partition it and get rid of the root Vista thingee) and installed a fresh copy of Windows XP, which took me a total of 5 hours.

Now that’s $25 x 5 = $125 + Cost of Vista = about $500.

There, what Microsoft needed to do in order to survive and turn people like me into fans is about $500 for all my troubles and $500 for every PC/laptop I buy that come with Vista.

My next operating system will definitely hang around Ubuntu or another Linux system, but definitely Microsoft needs to realize for the good of human kind that their new Vista sucks so much even with their new $300 million marketing.  (Marketing...not product features or upgrades that Microsoft is spending money on)

Here’s to Bill Gates or whoever is in charge of Microsoft:

Please stop re-selling consumers an outdated, poorly designed operating system.  No matter what marketing tatics you employ, I will do my best to let everyone else know that Vista has not changed (Yes, your mojave marketing had a reverse effect on me) , it’s the worst operating system I have ever used in my life.  We are smarter than you think.  Just having a new Vista  Period. (and there’s goes my middle finger too.)”

Interesting facts:

There’s 525,000 search results about “Vista Sucks” on Google today.  (Probably more as we go on)

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