The Laptop Bag Pillow!

Now you can carry your laptop and a pillow at the same time with the Laptop Bag Pillow, seriously designed for power nappers everywhere.

The Napbook is a laptopcase which also happens to be a comfortable cushion. It is designed for students and commercial people of 105 Reykjavík. Whether it be a class at LHÍ, a lengthy business meeting in Borgartún or just the odd journey home the Napbook should come in handy for the restless. It is sewn by a 105 Reykjavík local sewing room and it is available at the Apple store around the corner.

via gearlive, Design Page

2 Responses to The Laptop Bag Pillow!

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  2. Jungwon Han says:

    I want to buy this laptopbag pillow.
    I am now in Boston.
    Where can i get it and how much is it?

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