DIY – How to Make a $5000 Platform Bed from scratch!

Do you need a new bed?  Do you want a new $5000 platform bed for a lot less?

Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your own platform bed from scratch.

I sincerely do love this DIY since I own a platform bed myself.

The last step to completing my bed was upholstering the entire particle board box. I purchased enough sheets of one-centimeter-thick foam from a local foam store. The foam store employees agreed that foam thicker than 1 cm is difficult to upholster using just a simple staple gun. Using a regular staple gun from the hardware store, I covered the four box sides of the bed. I tried to not staple anywhere that would be visible or touchable on the top or side of the bed. Instead, I stapled on the inside edge of the boxes where the mattress would hide the staples and under the lip of each empty-bottomed box side. The bed in it’s partly upholstered state is shown here below.

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  1. What’s with the extra space on the one side, looks kind of funny to me.

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