Caravan Pod is a Portable Mini-RV!

Caravan Pod is a portable mini-RV that looks like peas to be attached to the rear of your vehicle.  With 12 volts of DC powering the pods, you have basic amenities available to you.

It seems a little dangerous for anyone to actually be inside while the pod is being towed but does provide enough “modern” comfort for those short week-long trips to Burning Man.

Overall, I think these will become more popular if they could make it affordable for your everyday working man/woman.

These Caravan Pods are collapsible and can fit into standard car parking spaces. They are designed to be cool city-getaway for young professionals, while being light enough to be towed by small cars. The Pods are divided into two compartments, The Comfort Pod which provides seating and sleeping space for two adults, with a 12 volt power supply and audio system and the Service Pod offers a water system, power supply and storage space for personal items.

via dm, newlaunches

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