I Love Meth T-Shirt!

I Love Math T-Shirt!

I Love Math T-Shirt!

Well for the weirdest reasons, I did superbly well in math classes during my earlier teenage school years but contrary to my skills, I hated math, especially Calculus in college.

Regardless of your love or hate for math, here’s a cool “I Love Math” T-shirt.  (Wait, did it say “I love Meth?”)

via neatorama

P.S. I intentionally named this post “I Love Meth” to see if anyone catches it. :p

2 Responses to I Love Meth T-Shirt!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Actually I did not catch it. Very clever. In my case there was no hate or love. I just could not understand it!

  2. Ben Kershner says:

    Meth != Math

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