Google Chrome Hacks Blog Launched!

Google Chrome Hacks Blog Launched!

Google Chrome Hacks Blog Launched!

Google Chrome Hacks Blog was launched today.

We had to settle on although we wanted to get

We will be doing a lot of posts on the latest tips, hacks, and other news just for the Google Chrome browser so make sure to subscribe to RSS feed.

For the mother of God and for whatever reason, we just launched another new blog, of course it’s called Google Chrome Hacks Blog.

Basically, the blog will cover all kinds of tips, hacks, and news about the new Google Chrome Browser.

It took us exactly 2 hours to sign up for a domain name at godaddy, stuff it with WordPress plugins and themes, write 5 blog posts.  (Not too bad of a start ey?)

New blogs are always great opportunities to pounce on, especially if it’s new technology.

Where did we get the idea for Google Chrome Hacks Blog?

Well, you should take a looky at and their stats.  (It’s like they simply took a knife and stuck it on a whale before the it leaped)

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  2. Hi guys these hacks rock and so do the themes

    check out my site

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