DIY Car Repair – Titan Car Jack uses Exhaust Gas to Lift Cars!

Titan Car Jack uses Exhaust Air to Lift Cars!

Titan Car Jack uses Exhaust Air to Lift Cars!

Check out this new car jack that works by filling a big bubbly balloon-like device with exhaust gas.

It’s like a simple idea but noone has ever thought of it until Titan Exhaust Air Jack.

Now, don’t get strange ideas and try to kill yourself with the exhaust fumes.  That’s stupid and well very stupid thing to do…

The only real concern I have is that it’s still a “balloon” type device and could easily be punctured using a razor-sharp knife.  If I am under a Hummer or any other car for that matter, I wouldn’t want to use this jack, not because it’s safe but it’s unsafe.  (Of course, the makers of this device might not agree saying that it’s made from PVC and whatnot but still, it is AIR you are using here just like a balloon, it can’t be THAT safe.)

For most simple car repairs and oil changes, you might want to stick to regular old air-pump car jacks that are cheaper anyways.

With a Titan Exhaust Air Jack, simply place the unit on the ground beneath the side of the vehicle to be raised and connect the hose to your tailpipe. While engine idles, the jack inflates.

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2 Responses to DIY Car Repair – Titan Car Jack uses Exhaust Gas to Lift Cars!

  1. David Skelton says:

    I had a “Draper” version of this about ten years ago. Whilst putting stands underneath the car, the balloon or bag burst.
    It was the first time i had used it, and it came with protective plastic liners/ shims/ covers, one for underneath and one for between the car and the bag.
    It burst along the vertical side seam.

    I would not have another go. The car just clipped my forehead on the way down. No injury but very nearly serious.

    Best regards


  2. alexpenn44 says:


    We are a taxi company Hummingbird Cars in London. We provide Airport Transfer service from all london airports.
    We are new in the business and We do require to service and repair our Taxis from time to time .But, we are in a sort of confusion as that should we go for yealry contracts of servicing or pay as you go. So, Can anyone please advice us looking at cost and also ther factors which is the best option for us.

    Thank you

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