Mooncake USB Flash Drive!

Mooncake USB Flash Drive!

Mooncake USB Flash Drive!

For all I know, there’s way too many “food” USB Flash Drives and here’s another Mooncake USB Flash Drive, which I suppose are targetting Chinese people.

Mooncakes are Chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. These little geeky USB thumb drives look so real, don’t chew it, don’t ever put them in your mouth. Keep them away from your kids or they’ll swallow!

via brando

2 Responses to Mooncake USB Flash Drive!

  1. Eva White says:

    love winnie the pooh…
    thought it was a child’s sipper!

  2. Bengt SEO says:

    What a silly idea. I am continuously buying new USB drives because they so small and I loose them. Now someone makes it easier to loose by making it look like a biscuit. I just dont get it, but then I guess something for everyone.

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