Cabbage Chair Looks Like a Cabbage!

The Cabbage Chair is like peeling onions.  Well, so long as you don’t have onion smell this chair does look pretty functional and what if they made Cabbage Lounge Sofas?  That’d be way too cool.

Above is a series of snapshots of how the Cabbage Chair becomes a chair after being shipped to a customer.  From the point of view of an ecoist, the Cabbage Chair does reduce carbon footprint by being able to ship itself in the smallest shape possible.  This reminds me of Keetsa Eco-Friendly Mattresses where the mattresses are compressed into a box before shipping.

The chair has no internal structure, no screws or nails, and could be eventually produced so that it gets shipped as one easy roll for the customer to peel back and use at home. I don’t recommend buying useless stuff like these, but I’ve posted about this chair to see what other people from around the world think, and create.

via freshome

One Response to Cabbage Chair Looks Like a Cabbage!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Does not look as though it will be comfortable to sit on!

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