World’s Smallest Linux PC fits in your hand!

Okay, don’t get me wrong, this ISN’T the world’s smallest Linux PC.  Actually, the smallest Linux PC maybe even smaller as embedded Linux has evolved.

But from PC users’ standpoint, this Linux PC pictured above isn’t big at all, in fact, it’s as small as an apple designed for use in spaceships.

What’s the point?  It looks cool and eventually we should be able to replace bulky desktop PCs with these little min-versions.

So, would you like a Space Cube? Tough luck, at least for the moment. Outside of Japan – where the Cube has been developed by the Shimafuji Corporation – your best bet is to keep watching the Star Dundee website. It’s an offshoot of the Space Systems Research Group of the University of Dundee. They’re planning to sell the Space Cube once a few technical issues are ironed out and, unfortunately, it’ll be a bit more expensive than the price we found before – around $325. Instead, this remarkable PC will probably be going for around £1,500.

via pcpro

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