Tech Beingz Alarm Clock!

Tech Beingz Alarm Clock!

Tech Beingz Alarm Clock!

Here’s a funky alarm clock called Tech Beingz.  Now, the best part is if you get a whole bunch of these, they will “talk” to each other I guess.

Start each day with this interactive Alarm Clock that opens its mouth to “shout” one of three different alarm sounds or to play music, letting you know it’s time to get moving! It doesn’t take much to keep Alarm Clock happy. Try petting its top sensor every once in a while to show your appreciation for getting up on time. This hi-tech and stylish room accessory even pounds his hands to wake you up! Just before the alarm goes off, his feet will start to glow. When you’re awake, watch this animated character “dance” to your music with funky colored lights and animated movements. Play the built-in FM radio or connect the clock to your own music player (not included). Add other Room Tech Beingz (each sold separately) characters to your room and see how they “talk” to and interact with each other across the room!

via ubergizmo, Product Page

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