DIY PacMan Mini Portable Gamer!

Check out this DIY PacMan Mini Portable Gamer, pretty amazing how everything has been compacted to fit this little box.

-2.5” Intec game screen (CCFL Backlight)

-Uses a PCB taken from a Jakks Pacific – Namco TV Games

-Runs off 4x AA batteries (2.5 Hours Play)

-Charging port for when rechargeable batteries are used

-Power LED and reset button

-No sound support (maybe in the future)

via technabob, benheck

One Response to DIY PacMan Mini Portable Gamer!

  1. Michael says:

    That’s sweet that they took that from another video game. The box looks really similar to an NES controller on first sight, but must be bigger to support the game and screen. It’s also awesome that there is a charging port for rechargeable batteries. If it had many of these old games, I bet tons of people would buy this.

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