Is iPhone the Biggest Advertising Scam Ever or What?

Is iPhone the Biggest Advertising Scam Ever or What?

Is iPhone the Biggest Advertising Scam Ever or What?

As much as I love the iPhone and its browser that’s capable of opening most websites flawlessly, I do hate the Apple iPhone ads that are truly misleading in how fast an iPhone can browse.

If I could, I would tell Steve Jobs to start making real ads that tell the truth instead of faking it with super-fast internet speeds.  (I am sure his face would turn red and he’d admit that he “took” consumers money and ran)

Now, if you can actually improve the iPhone to do what everything shown in this video, I might change my mind.  With AT&T’s slow 3G network, I know it’s never going to happen.  (Yes, another thumbs down for AT&T)

If you asked me the video below was a scam, I would tell you yes with a real, straight face.


At least two people complained to the ASA that the ad was misleading because sites that use Flash and Java don’t work on the iPhone, and the board agreed, saying that “We concluded that the ad gave a misleading impression of the internet capabilities of the iPhone” because “viewers were likely to expect to be able to see all the content on a web site normally accessible through a PC rather than just having the ability to reach the website.

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  1. Eva White says:

    I guess wanting a phone to do what a computer does is what most people will call progressive thinking. How ever those of us who will not be able to afford the iphone will continue to wait a year or so before prices drop and it is more accessible.

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