IOGEAR Wireless USB to VGA Kit!

I do admit to daily organization of my SVIDEO and audio cables to hook up my PC to my HDTV for online movies but here’s a new Wireless USB to VGA Kit from IOGear that will let you clone a monitor to another without the wires.

IOGEAR to Debut Industry-First Wireless USB to VGA Kit that Streams PC Content to An Alternate In-Room Display

Allows users to view spreadsheets and photos wirelessly on a larger screen

Irvine, CA – August 25, 2008 – Consumers who desire a simple way to view content on a bigger screen can now extend or clone their desktop to their HDTV or projector and enjoy increased visibility by utilizing IOGEAR’s Wireless USB to VGA Kit, certified by the USB Implementers Forum. The product is the first of its kind to receive certification in the US, which guarantees that a device is backward- and forward-compliant with previous and future USB technology.

The Wireless USB to VGA Kit provides HD video streaming between a PC and TV or projector up to 720p within a 30-foot in-room range. Users can edit grids and documents, view photos or browse the Internet on their HDTV’s big screen, without any cable clutter. Consumers can also utilize a TV’s picture-in-picture function to multitask, such as watching a football game while viewing a Fantasy Football grid on the same screen. The Kit consists of one Wireless USB adapter to connect to a laptop or desktop and one wireless VGA adapter to plug into a VGA display.

The product is an ideal solution for surfaces that are difficult to wire, such as marble and fireplaces. By communicating between devices wirelessly and eliminating material waste, the Wireless USB to VGA Kit is an eco-conscious choice for users who want an environmentally-friendly way to streamline entertainment and work spaces.

“At IOGEAR, we strive to bring the most innovative products to market to meet the demands of consumers,” said Miranda Su, executive vice president of IOGEAR. “Our new Wireless USB to VGA Kit eliminates the hassle of multiple tangled wires, providing wireless communication between popular home and office devices.”

The Wireless USB to VGA Kit is compatible with Windows XP 32-bit (Service Pack 2) or Vista (32-/64-bit) operating systems. The product will be available in September 2008 for $229.95 (MSRP) from all major catalog and online resellers, as well as select retail outlets.

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