iPhone Illusions with this funny walking Alien App!

Here’s a slight illusionary work with the iPhone, a funny walking Alien App.

Created by David O’Reilly, iHologram combines anamorphosis and the iPhone’s gyroscopes to achieve this awesome visual magic trick. Anamorphosis is a way to draw things distorted so, while watched at a certain angle, they pop out of the 2D surface as if they were real.

David’s application assumes a constant viewing angle of 35 to 45 degrees, which is the usual angle when anyone watches the iPhone screen. Knowing that angle, the application calculates the orientation of the screen relative to the viewer using the iPhone’s motion sensors, so when you turn it around, the 3D world perspective gets skewed accordingly.

via gizmodo

One Response to iPhone Illusions with this funny walking Alien App!

  1. Altamira says:

    Very nice but if you go to the original website, the authors clearly states that this is a hoax, just a fake ! 🙂

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