Jerry Seinfeld Hired by Microsoft to do Anti-Apple Ads!

Jerry Seinfeld Hired by Microsoft to do Anti-Apple Ads!

I don’t think Jerry Seinfeld will help the sales of Vista operating system, but at least the commercials will be funny enough to watch.

What do I think about Microsoft still trying to push their Vista operating system?

It’s basically worthless operating system bundled with so many features you can’t use unless you buy a computer with Vista installed.  Even then, your Vista is not guaranteed to work with all your peripherals with constant, annoying firewall prompts.

Microsoft Corp., weary of being cast as a stodgy oldster by Apple Inc.’s advertising, is turning for help to Jerry Seinfeld.

The software giant’s new $300 million advertising campaign, devised by a newly hired ad agency, has been closely guarded. But Mr. Seinfeld will be one of the key celebrity pitchmen, say people close to the situation. He will appear with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in ads and receive about $10 million for the work, they say.

via wired, wsj


5 Responses to Jerry Seinfeld Hired by Microsoft to do Anti-Apple Ads!

  1. Tracy Lee says:

    Oh no! Jerry, times can’t be *that* had can they? Say it ain’t so!

  2. Nicole Price says:

    Yes, it will be interesting to watch quite how the Mac Vs Windows battle will pan out. The Vista however is still a question mark. I for one am still on XP but people who have gone over to Vista have mixed reactions.

  3. Nicole Price says:

    My compliments on a great new look! Congratulations.

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